Born 1946.
I established my studio in the early seventies after my
training at the Croydon College of Art, London.
In the early days, inspired of what I saw of work from Japan and England, I mainly made domestic ware in stoneware and porcelain.In later years the emphasis has shifted towards sculptural work; renderings of beast and man in stoneware and raku.Quite recently my interest has come to focus on human physiognomy. A result of this interest in the human face was my installation
“A Thousand Heads”, one thousand raku fired faces,
that I´ve shown throughout Scandinavia.

I´ve exhibited at museums and galleries in Scandinavia, the UK,Spain and the US. Recently I´ve been a frequent exhibitor at international art fairs In Europe, the US and Asia.

I collaborate with:
Galleri Final, Malmö, Sweden
Villa del Arte Galleries, Barcelona
Galleri Bruno Dahl, Ebeltoft, Denmark,
Echt Gallery, Chicago.